Western Management Club Membership



After successfully completing the recruitment process for WMC, you have the option to accept the position and become a consultant. This requires a membership to WMC.

The membership covers the following.

  • Entry to all WMC events and workshops hosted on campus throughout the year.

  • Entry into all Signature WMC events, whereby catering shall also be provided.

  • Free access to the WMC annual case competition.

  • Access to events hosted by WMC partnered organizations, usually entailing free entry or a significant discount for events. These include but are not limited to; Hackathons, case competitions, speaker series, recruitment events and more.

  • Free admission to the WMC office tours (if offered. transportation shall be subsidized but not covered ).

  • Access to the WMC alumni directory base.

Western Management Club Membership

Membership access to WMC for a academic year.