Founded in 2015, the Western Management Club is an organization dedicated to developing business leaders and serving the London community.



For starters, we do not take in general membership. Rather, we hand select the finest students to be a part of our consulting team through a rigorous application and interview process, keeping our team talent, tailored and empowered. We aim to achieve a balance of students from all years and academic disciplines, to create the most interdisciplinary, balanced and multi-functional teams. This in-turn provides our consultants to achieve the most comprehensive solutions for our clients.


We mix our passion for business with our duty to our community.

Our focus is, and always shall be, to provide pro-bono consulting services to local businesses. We reach out to businesses who we have identified as being suitable candidates for our program. After talking to the business owners/franchisees, we pair a team of eager students with businesses in need. To be afforded the privilege to work with local businesses, and to maintain our unwavering reputation, we take client confidentially extremely seriously. We bind ourselves with Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA’s) and do not concurrently consult for firms that are competitive in nature. We focus on Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to be able to provide the most mutual benefit, whereby our final recommendations are realistically implemented.  


This isn’t a static case, this a dynamic, real business.

Given that traditional business curriculum vary greatly from the challenges that consultants shall face in the field, we don’t throw them into fire empty handed. Prior to assigning clients to groups, we run them through our consulting boot camp, equipping them with the foundations they shall need to get started, but that’s only the beginning. We provide on-going education workshops on a weekly basis to ensure that all functional business areas are covered. We also aim to hone in on soft skills such as the client facing, presentation, networking and financial analysis skill sets.